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                    Bentley Subscription Programs

                    Enabling project delivery and asset performance

                  Subscriptions from Bentley

                  No matter what your organization’s role in the project delivery or operation of infrastructure, you will benefit from innovative subscription programs that will help you get the most out of your Bentley software and services.

                  Our subscriptions help you cover all your software including your application licenses, hosted or on-premises services, and cloud-services. To help get your software implemented and your users be productive, you can also include learning and managed services in your subscription plan. All of our programs are designed to ensure that your team is equipped to do their work and receives timely support from a world-class team of infrastructure experts.


                  Superior Service for Your Applications

                  With SELECT, you will benefit from 24/7/365 support, continuous updates and enhancements, and learning resources for all of your Bentley applications. If you prefer not to purchase perpetual licenses or want flexibility in managing peak workloads, you can use term licenses to subscribe to the applications you need. SELECT term licenses allow you to adjust your application mix at any time and pay only for what you use at the end of each calendar quarter.

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                  Enterprise License Subscription

                  Annual Subscription for Applications

                  Our Enterprise License Subscription (ELS) offers access to Bentley’s entire application portfolio, 24/7/365 support, continuous updates and enhancements, and learning resources for all of your Bentley applications, all for a single annual fee. The fee is set according to your level of usage, which is measured throughout the year and used as the basis to determine the fee for the subsequent year. You may continually adjust your application mix to reflect changing needs across your projects and your enterprise with unlimited access to any Bentley application. The learning benefit of your subscription aids rapid on-boarding, fast project start-up, and increased user productivity.

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                  Cloud Services Subscription

                  Comprehensive Annual Subscription

                  Our Cloud Services Subscription is a comprehensive annual subscription for applications, hosted and on premise services, cloud services, and managed services. The Cloud Services Subscription is set to an annual commitment that matches your anticipated budgeted usage. Only software and services actually used will be charged to the subscription balance. With a Cloud Services Subscription, any unused balance can be applied to the subsequent year, so you will never lose your unused balance.

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