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                  • Hero-WSDOT_VERG_I90_KeechelusLake

                    Roads and Highways

                    Sustaining transportation infrastructure

                  Washington Department of Transportation I-90 - Snoqualmie Pass East

                  Solutions for Road and Highway Networks

                  Your infrastructure is essential to sustaining economic growth and improving quality of life. Our solutions address the entire transportation lifecycle, spanning planning, design, analysis, maintenance, and operation of roads, bridges, tunnels, drainage systems, and roadway assets.

                  Bentley has provided solutions to highway agencies for over three decades. Our solutions are proven, trusted, and reliable, and will help you to create, manage, and renew your road assets on budget and on schedule.

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                  OpenRoads Designer eBook
                  Discover how better project results begin with better deliverables.
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                  Simplify reporting, regardless of LRS or asset management system

                  Overcome the challenges of producing HPMS, ARNOLD, MIRE, and ADA reports

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