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                    Rail and Transit

                    Enabling the railways of tomorrow

                  Solutions for Rail and Transit

                  As a rail owner-operator or as an authority for a light-rail or metro system, you can increase productivity, reduce cost, and mitigate risk with Bentley’s solutions for rail and transit.

                  With solutions that span the entire rail asset lifecycle, Bentley is a proven and trusted partner to the world’s railway community. Our solutions support BIM processes that streamline design and collaboration, ensure effective project delivery, and enable informed decision making during operation.

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                  rail tracks
                  The PTC 2020 deadline is approaching

                  Learn how OpenRail configuration management enables PTC compliance

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                  AssetWise for Rail and Transit
                  OpenRail for Asset Performance Rail and Transit Solution for Operations and Maintenance
                  Learn how OpenRail can improve your rail and transit asset performance with capabilities that improve service, safety, and reliability.
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                  Introducing OpenRail: Advancing BIM for Rail from Design Through Operations

                  • Learn how OpenRail can streamline and advance the planning, engineering, delivery, operation, maintenance and performance of rail and transit systems.
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