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                    Electric and Gas Utilities

                    From plant to point of service

                  Solutions to Plan, Design, Construct, and Operate Utility Infrastructure

                  As the owner-operator of an electric and gas transmission and distribution network, you need to plan, design, manage, and operate your utility infrastructure. Whether your focus is electric and gas distribution networks, transmission networks, or electric substations, you can benefit from Bentley’s comprehensive solutions for utilities infrastructure. We can help you meet the challenges of expanding customer expectations, increasing demand, and growing compliance requirements.

                  Our solutions help you to plan, design, construct, and operate utility infrastructure to meet ever-changing industry requirements, reduce costs, and deliver sustainable, safe, timely, and reliable service. Our offerings for planning and design include mapping and geospatial analysis, site analysis and design, substation design, network design and management, transmission tower design, and more.

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                  Project information management for utilities

                  Learn why utilities are Going Digital and using advanced project information management.

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                  Taking Asset Health Indexing to the Street

                  On-Demand Webinar: Learn how EPCOR has taken AHI “to the street” by integrating mobile computing, GIS, and APM to enable near real-time assessment of distribution assets.  

                  Presented by Steven Seewald, EPCOR, and David Crozier, Bentley Systems

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                  Are you ready for the Renewables Revolution?

                  • Modeling the Grid for Streamlined Renewables Integration
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