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                  • Procureware

                    ProjectWise ProcureWare

                    Efficient and transparent sourcing solution

                  Bid Management Software

                  ProjectWise ProcureWare is an integrated procurement system for supplier management, sourcing, and contract management. The system enables organizations to drive process efficiency and cost savings throughout the procurement lifecycle.

                  Make smart award decisions by selecting the right suppliers, efficiently engaging suppliers for sourcing events, and analyzing bid responses.

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                  • Conduct electronic bidding and evaluation

                    • Manage the total sourcing lifecycle, from supplier selection and pre-qualification through online bidding, analysis, and award. ProcureWare has built-in supplier notification, document management, and bid analysis capabilities.
                  • Ensure transparency in public procurement

                    • The public procurement process requires transparency and auditability. With ProcureWare, you can easily track supplier diversity, conduct sealed bidding, and maintain an auditable log of bid events.
                  • Manage supplier information

                    • Simplify supplier management with a centralized system for supplier self-registration, pre-qualification, and bid notifications. Reduce your supplier management costs and gain visibility of relevant supplier information to improve risk management and procurement decisions.
                  • Stay ahead of contract obligations

                    • Ensure compliance with contract terms and conditions. Stay ahead of contract renewals, warranty expiration, and other key contract milestones as part of a proactive risk management strategy.
                  The Complete Guide to Team Bid Evaluation

                  Learn how to form a team of evaluators, develop evaluation criteria, and engage in consensus scoring.

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                  The End of the Centralized vs. Decentralized Procurement Debate

                  An increasing number of procurement organizations are leveraging technology to have the best of both worlds.

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