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                  • Hero_ist_46465520_OffshorePlant_3XL

                    Offshore Structural Analysis

                    Nothing is stronger at sea

                  Offshore Structural Analysis Software

                  Deliver timely, compliant, and cost-effective offshore engineering, marine operations, and vessel design projects with industry proven software.

                  Collaborate more effectively between disciplines using integrated software applications to analyze, design, and simulate the response of complex offshore structures and vessels. Address all structural and naval architectural aspects of your offshore projects with SACS, MOSES, and MAXSURF.

                  • Stub_bigstock-Offshore-Platfrom-40273759
                    Ensure code compliance for all types of offshore structures using the automated workflows in SACS – the industry standard for offshore structural design.
                  • stub_MC_CPOC_26090983
                    Meet complex offshore project challenges more effectively with the efficiency and flexibility of uniquely integrated simulation software.
                  • stub_ist_7809800_FastSupplyVessel_L
                    Use MAXSURF’s integrated naval architecture tools for fast, accurate initial design and analysis of all types of marine vessels.
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