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                  • PLAXIS Geotechnical Software

                    Geotechnical Engineering

                    Standing on solid ground

                  Geotechnical Engineering Software

                  Efficiently model, analyze, and report on any geoengineering project with Bentley's comprehensive geotechnical engineering software. You can easily design and analyze soil and rock deformation and stability, soil structure interaction and groundwater, as well as heat flow with 2D and 3D geotechnical applications based on the finite element method. Bentley's specialized geotechnical applications make analysis, reporting, and managing your projects easy! 

                  • PLAXIS Brand
                    Make the modeling and analysis of even your most complex geo-engineering projects easy. Take advantage of finite element analysis in 2D or 3D.
                  • Stub_JanDeNul_PanamaCanalExpansion_4-
                    Manage and report on your geotechnical subsurface data with a wide range of reports. Choose the edition that is right for you.
                  • SoilVision
                    SoilVision provides a comprehensive suite of 2D and 3D geotechnical software. Renowned for market leading limit equilibrium slope stability analysis, this fully integrated portfolio is a reliable capability for both simple and complex problems.
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