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                  • Hero_ist_6074369_Schematics_L

                    Electrical and Instrumentation

                    Power your design with intelligent modeling

                  Electrical and Instrumentation Software

                  Consolidate and automate your electrical design with applications that transcend the limits of unintelligent CAD graphics. Complete substation designs faster with integrated physical and electrical design. Quickly conquer the most complex cabling projects with 3D raceway design and automatic cable routing. Save time and reduce errors with intelligent electrical design for machine controls, plants, mining equipment, and more.
                  • stub_iSt_489807_M_Electric-Power-Substation
                    Bentley Substation
                    Produce greenfield and brownfield designs up to 40 percent faster with the only software that unites electrical and physical design.
                  • stub_000032594526
                    Bentley Raceway and Cable Management
                    Save time and reduce cost with the first and only integrated application for cable system layout, routing, and material estimating.
                  • stub_ist_27185076_ControlBrd_L
                    Perform electrical system design faster and with fewer errors with cross-referenced schematics, 2D layouts, 3D equipment models, and reports.
                  • stub_ist_1858156_Wiring_Panel_M
                    Bentley Instrumentation and Wiring
                    Accelerate your process plant control system designs and efficiently manage all your instrumentation and motor data in a relational database.
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