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                    Manage railway project requirements

                  Rail Assurance Software

                  ComplyPro simplifies the delivery of assurance on complex rail projects, reducing the cost and time typically associated with poor design visibility and build non-compliance. Progressive Assurance deciphers the governance of assurance processes, allowing engineering and delivery teams to manage assurance of the design and delivery process collaboratively. This reduces the need for costly parallel assurance processes and increases the integrity, efficiency, and quality of design and delivery. Operational Assurance enables users to adopt a unified approach to compliance and assurance, providing greater visibility into asset health during operations. The ComplyPro Assurance Environment reduces costly delays and overruns through continuous assurance across and throughout project and asset lifecycles.

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                  • Develop rail project specifications

                    • Advance project specifications from the earliest conceptual stage – so that cross-discipline expertise and knowledge are merged to deliver smarter, better-engineered solutions.
                  • Manage project-wide safety hazards

                    • Identify, record, analyze, and implement measures to mitigate and control the effects of safety hazards.
                  • Manage rail project requirements

                    • Clearly define, record, and manage project requirements. Raise, log, track, and resolve changes throughout the project lifecycle and maintain them in a register so they are recognized and managed efficiently.
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                  Incorporate contextual information including reality meshes
                  OpenRail Solution
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