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                  • Navigator -BIM Review and Issue Resolution Software


                    Streamline BIM reviews and issue resolution

                  BIM Review and Issue Resolution Software

                  Better understand, review and share feedback on models and drawings in order to resolve issues and make better decisions, faster. Whether in the office, on site, or in the field, you can gain visibility into the wealth of project information available in models and drawings. Choose from a range of different mobile and desktop applications specifically suited for model review and inspection workflows. Access and leverage data-rich models and project information whenever and wherever it is required.

                  • Stub_ist_80583667_Navigator_XL
                    Bentley Navigator
                    Get better insight into information within the context of 3D models to make better decisions throughout the lifecycle, in the office, field, or on-site.
                  • Stub_ist_5241589_NavigatorMobile_L
                    Navigator Mobile
                    Achieve unmatched insight into project information and the power to reliably resolve issues whether in the office, on-site, or in the field.
                  • Stub_Navigator_320x349
                    Navigator Web
                    Visualize, navigate, and interact with engineering content securely through a browser.
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