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                  • Legion


                    Improving infrastructure for people

                  Simulation and Modeling Software

                  Simulate and analyze the foot traffic on infrastructure assets that include rail and metro stations, stadiums, shopping malls, and airports. Accurately test designs and operational or commercial plans to enhance footfall, wayfinding, crowd management, and safety and security strategies. With LEGION software, you can optimize the use of space to improve safety, efficiency, and revenue.

                  • LEGION
                    LEGION Model Builder
                    Generate an unrestricted spatial environment within which accurate simulation of complex pedestrian movement dynamics can occur. Intermediate activities such as waiting, queuing, and stairs and escalators are reproduced within LEGION models by the placement of spatial objects.
                  • LEGION
                    LEGION Simulator
                    Generate simulations with predictive capacity across a wide range of scenarios and explore how pedestrians and crowds interact with infrastructure.
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