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                    Bentley Institute

                    Lifelong learning for infrastructure professionals

                  Delivering Continuous Learning

                  Maximize the productivity of your project with learning programs designed to meet your unique needs. Take live instructor-led classes online, or take advantage of on-demand, self-study courses. Bentley Institute’s learning programs not only give you the opportunity to advance professional growth—they enable you to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your organization, the colleagues you work with, and the industry in which you work.


                  Our personalized offerings are strategically designed to help you benefit from the most cost-effective blend of technology and support, so you can tackle the world’s great infrastructure challenges.

                  For Users

                  Learning Programs and Communities

                  Choose from live virtual classrooms or on-demand courses. Connect with peers and Bentley instructors at a Bentley Institute Learn Conference. Get involved in a local user group or ask questions in forums on Bentley Communities. You can choose from multiple options that help you connect with industry experts. We are committed to providing you with the programs you need to succeed.
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                  For Students and Educators

                  Academic Programs

                  If you are a student or an educator, the Bentley Institute Academic Program is designed to help you prepare for the future, with access to the software and learning you need to teach or learn best practices for advancing infrastructure.

                  Learn More
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