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                  April 10, 2019

                  Bentley Names Dr. Nabil Abou-Rahme as
                  Chief Research Officer

                  Bentley Institute’s Digital Advancement Academies commit to support demonstrator projects substantiating benefits of infrastructure digital twins

                  LONDON, UK The Future Infrastructure Symposium – Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading global provider of comprehensive software solutions for advancing the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure, today announced that Dr. Nabil Abou-Rahme has joined Bentley as chief research officer for Bentley Institute’s Digital Advancement Academies. He will work from Bentley’s London offices, and will lead Bentley’s efforts in digital advancement research, collaborating with government, university, and industry visionaries to promote innovative solutions for advancing infrastructure. His new role was introduced today to fellow researchers attending the Future Infrastructure Symposium convened at Bentley’s London Digital Advancement Academy.

                  Dr. Abou-Rahme joins Bentley from the global consultancy firm Mott MacDonald, where he was actively involved in digital transformation, most recently as head of smart infrastructure and global practice leader for data science, and prior to that, as divisional director for intelligent transport. His career began with applied research in network optimization and control at the Transport Research Laboratory, where he went on to manage research teams and complete a PhD. Subsequent technical highlights from his consultancy roles include specifications for the EU ITS Directive, implementation of bank-led contactless payment systems on public transport in South Africa and developing operational regimes for the first “smart motorways” in the UK.

                  Bentley Systems CEO Greg Bentley said, “We are gratified to have Dr. Abou-Rahme join us to inaugurate our chief research officer role. We are newly able to advance infrastructure engineering through digital twins, by converging technologies to simultaneously meet their essential requirements for digital context, digital components, and digital chronology. Accordingly, an appropriate priority for Bentley Institute’s Digital Advancement Academies is now to work with authoritative research organizations to explore and substantiate the growing benefits, which are already realizable from infrastructure digital twins. By virtue of his unique combination of infrastructure engineering expertise and research experience, and contagious zeal for ‘going digital,’ Nabil brings the perfect fit to lead these collaborative endeavors.”

                  Dr. Abou-Rahme said, “Bentley has a clear commitment to accelerating the adoption of digital technologies, including advancing BIM through digital twins. A key part of digital advancement research is a portfolio of demonstrator projects, collaborative prototypes that allow us to explore the art of the possible, while leveraging the best of academic, technical, and industrial experience within those teams. Our commitment also extends to supporting academic institutions through sponsorship and making our technologies available as a learning and development tool. Bentley’s open and collaborative approach to innovation is well established, and I am excited to be leading this portfolio into the next phase of application.”

                  A chartered engineer, Dr. Abou-Rahme holds a PhD in Bayesian statistics from the University of Southampton, a Master of Science from University College London, a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Imperial College London, and a general management certificate from Roffey Park.

                  In his talk today at the Future Infrastructure Symposium, a two-day gathering of industry experts, university researchers, and thought leaders to discuss the future of infrastructure, Dr. Abou-Rahme referenced a number of Bentley Institute-sponsored research projects around the world, including demonstrator projects at University College London, University of Cambridge, and Imperial College, and encouraged parties interested in collaborating on future demonstrator projects to contact him at [email protected]


                  Image and Caption:
                  Dr. Nabil Abou-Rahme will lead Bentley Systems’ efforts in digital advancement research, collaborating with government, university, and industry visionaries to promote innovative solutions for advancing infrastructure.

                  About Bentley Institute’s Digital Advancement Academies
                  An initiative of Bentley Systems, Bentley Institute’s Digital Advancement Academies offer a unique, neutral environment for innovators to openly discuss challenges and successes in the built environment, and to accelerate and optimize digital (BIM) strategy. Digital Advancement Academies partner with industry to act as a catalyst for knowledge exchange, using a process-focused approach to support execution of outcome-based objectives in the creation and operation of digital and physical assets.

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